If you are getting in touch with us to send a question on meditation, please select ‘Meditation Inquiries’ first on the form. For other inquiries, please select ‘General Inquiries’. Your General Inquiries will be forwarded to Na Uyana Main Office.


Na Uyana Monastery,
60554, Pansiyagama,
Sri Lanka.
Contact us: +94 71 84 55 332
Email us: nauyana1954@gmail.com

Visa Application Procedures

Application for Foreign Meditators

For questions on meditation

You can get answers to your questions on meditation in one of Bhante’s future Dhamma talks.

Please note that the questions you send by selecting “Meditation Inquiries”  will reach the venerable monks of Na Uyana Meditation Retreats Organizing Committee.

How to get to the monastery

From Pettah Bus-stand (Colombo), take a bus bound to ‘Vavuniya’ or ‘Anuradhapura’ or ‘Polonnaruwa’, and get off at ‘Melsiripura’. The tour by bus would take about 3hrs and 40 minutes. From Melsiripura, take a bus to ‘Pansiyagama’. From there you can walk the distance of about 2km to the monastery or hire a taxi.

From Kurunegala, take a bus to Melsiripura and follow the rest of the road details.

    01. Since we have sorted out and displayed the questions that have been already addressed under different topics on the web page under the heading “PREVIOUSLY ASKED QUESTIONS”, please be kind enough to check the answers to your question there. You ought to take the step of forwarding your question in one of the two ways, only after you could make sure that it is not yet answered. The quickest way to search the question is, by going to the “PREVIOUSLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page and use the search box there.

    02. You can send your question as a text message which is mostly preferred or as a picture of a handwritten one or as a voice message. Please use Sinhala or English language for your questions.

    03. Please do limit your questions within the scope of meditation only, as they will be answered during meditation retreats. Outside questions could drag the attention away from meditation while consuming the limited time we have for Q & A. Due to that reason, the Organizing Committee unwillingly have to put away the outside questions.

    04. We only discuss the questions which we may receive before 12.00pm on the day of the Dhamma Discussion. The questions received after 12.00pm on the due day will be answered during the next Dhamma Discussion.

    05. When a question is forwarded on a certain matter that has really occurred, please be very careful not to mention who's who and the whereabouts of it. Questions that violate the above instructions will not be addressed.

    06. Since only new questions ought to be taken into discussion each day, previously answered questions will not be addressed again. If you can provide some information about the previous Dhamma discussion, we will try to send you the link of it.

    07. If there are similar questions, only one of them will be answered.

    08. If we run out of time, the remaining questions will be put off for future discussions.

    09. In order to get the maximum benefit out of the limited time of the program, priority will be given to the most important and valuable questions.

    10. Priority will be given to the questions of monks and nuns. Please be kind enough to consider aforementioned facts when you send questions.