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Nā Uyana is a Buddhist forest monastery in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, associated with the Sri Kalyāni Yogāsrama Saṃsthā. It spreads over more than 5000 acres of forest on the ‘Dummīya’ mountain range, and is a residence to about 150 Buddhist monks.

Yogavacaropasesa, Guidance for a Meditative Life
The Workings of Kamma
Meditation Techniques

Those who wish to learn meditation techniques may listen to these recordings of some of the most respected meditation teachers of ‘the Yogāshrama Samsthā’. By practicing according to the given instructions, you will be able to cover all the ‘Samatha’ & ‘Vipassanā’ (‘Tranquility’ and ‘Insight’) meditation techniques. Here, you will be given instructions to understand and practically use the techniques. By now, we have posted almost all the recordings of initial teachings of Samatha’ and ‘Vipassanā’ that would be quite enough for a beginner to carry on with. We are hoping to post the recordings of the deeper teachings soon.

Even if the meditation instructions you can see here are shown under separate topics for your convenience, at the meditation retreats they have been explained in general. What you may see here are the Dhamma sermons delivered in Sinhala medium. And not only that, we do hope to post our Dhamma sermons in English & Chinese soon. Until then, those who don’t speak Sinhala, please be kind enough to learn the meditation instructions through the Playlists in other available languages.

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The saga of the meditation teacher, Most Ven. Angulgamuwē Ariyananda Mahāthērō’s spiritual life and, the Na Uyana Forest Monastery.
The saga of the meditation teacher, Most Ven. Angulgamuwē Ariyananda Mahāthērō’s spiritual life and, the Na Uyana Forest Monastery.
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